Against the clamor of an impending world war, a lifelong gangster faces his most perilous task. Nicknamed “The Dancer” by his mob cronies — for shooting a Tommy Gun at his rivals’ feet — Jake Kinberg must do one last job before leaving his former life behind.

In 1938, in New York’s Shubert Alley, an accidental murder causes Jake to flee abroad to Cairo, with his lady, nightclub owner, Rose McSweeney. Assured safe return if he heeds the words of the New York bosses, he ventures into Nazi Germany to acquire and protect the secrets held in the hands of a cloistered scientist seeking to evade Germany’s new regime. But he’s not alone in his search. A notorious criminal, known only as “The Courier”, is out to get to the target first - not bothering to leave anyone alive who stands in his path. A quartet of international lawmen are also hot on the trail, equally suspicious of each other in their pursuit.

In Cairo, Rose, has opened another club, attracting its own array of rogues and characters — none of whom are above suspicion. From “Jazz” the sultry and savvy chanteuse, to the androgynous emcee, and the duplicitous club-staffers — even Rose’s own Shubert Alley confidante — no one is beyond the menacing mosaic of mystery.

As Jake comes and goes, Rose wonders what everyone else knows — what the real danger is, and where it lurks. The absolution of a repentant mobster can only be had by facing the deadliest adversary he has ever encountered, with a fate greater than his own hanging in the balance. Night after night the music plays, as if relief can be found in indulgence. Meanwhile, behind the sequined showtunes, the veiled promises, and the unspoken reprisals, lies the intrigue of international espionage — and a final answer where only the victims know the truth — where all loyalties will meet their reckoning.
It’s DANGEROUS! . . .